Lamazuna is a home-grown French cosmetics brand at the leading edge of the new generation of zero-waste skincare products.

      With a strong environmental ethic at the heart of everything they create, they strive to help change the world through conscious, zero-waste beauty, one product at a time. All products are conceived and manufactured in France and they work with French suppliers wherever possible.

      The birth of Lamazuna

      Founded in 2010, Lamazuna - meaning ‘pretty young woman’ in Georgian - was created out of a lightbulb moment by entrepreneur Laetitia Van de Walle, who realised that every time she cleansed her face with disposable cotton pads and cleansing lotion it produced an enormous amount of waste. Laetitia knew she could find a better way. Her first product was a set of simple, ultra-soft microfibre cleansing wipes that could be washed and reused hundreds of times. She shared them with her friends who loved them too, and so the Lamazuna adventure was born…

      How are they different?

      Lamazuna live and breathe innovative, ecological cosmetics and their mission is to make this lifestyle easier for anyone looking to find a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic beauty products. Lamazuna’s creative solutions eliminate the need for excess and repeat products such as cotton buds, plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles, tampons, sanitary pads and many others. Lamazuna aims to make everything simpler while considerably reducing waste. And because Lamazuna understands that saving the planet shouldn’t cost the earth, one of Lamazuna’s watchwords is eco-affordable, meaning that buying their products ultimately helps you to save money as well as the environment.

      In the 10 years Lamazuna have been trading, their brand philosophy and ethics have constantly evolved, demonstrating a vision that is light years ahead of other cosmetic companies. In 2011 they completely banned the use of plastic bags and in 2013 Lamazuna signed up to an agroforestry partnership with Pur Projet to plant trees in Amazonian Peru, so far this partnership has resulted in over 4500 trees being planted to protect soil and water quality as well as biodiversity! Since 2017 this commitment has spread root to agroforestry projects closer to home, planting trees in France in conjunction with the Saaltus environmental foundation.

      Lamazuna Love – Good for you and the environment too!

      After the launch of the microfibre cleansing wipes, two further eco-friendly products came along, including the Lamazuna menstrual cup and the Oriculi — a clever little tool made from sustainable bioplastic that replaces cotton buds for life. After that, Lamazuna quickly evolved a whole range of solid cosmetics, including shampoos, toothpaste and deodorant, with all ingredients in their solid cosmetics 100% naturally derived. Their range of bio-plastic toothbrushes have replaceable heads that can be recycled, allowing to keep the brush handle which helps you to minimise your bathroom waste. Every product in the Lamazuna family comes from either minerals or plants and all of the packaging for their products is printed with vegetable inks and fully compostable or recyclable.

      From day one Lamazuna has ensured that all their products are vegan and cruelty-free — and are proud to have signed up to Peta’s charter against animal testing and ingredients. They are also partners in the Slow Cosmetique movement, which has defined founding values for cosmetics that are greener, healthier and smarter, since 2013.

      54 products

      54 products