Sugar Coated


      Sugar Coated is the brainchild of Rosie Khandwala. Her story goes back to the shores of the Indian Ocean on the north-east coast of Tanzania. Growing up in Tanzania sugar waxing was the only form hair removal she used. She learnt the how to sugar wax from her mother and older sisters. Helping in her cousin’s salon after school as a teenager, she learned the tricks and techniques for the best and gentlest results. When she moved to the UK 1987 with her young family, she wanted to start working as a mobile beauty therapist but to her amazement sugar waxing didn’t exist, she couldn’t find it anywhere, so she started making her own!

      Sugar Coated is the vegan sugar wax that you know works! It has the heritage and a recipe with a track record. Now we have taken it up a notch and packaged it in a way that reflects all the amazing things about it. This is the “face” of ethical hair removal. Made in the UK by a family owned and operated business with eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing at the heartbeat. Sugar Coated is a product we want you to be proud to buy and share you experience with you friends just as its creator Rosie is sharing hers with you!