Jane Scrivner Expert Eye Duo
Jane Scrivner Expert Eye Duo
Jane Scrivner Expert Eye Duo

Jane Scrivner Expert Eye Duo #2 Eye Firming Concentrate Night Serum 15ml

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Jane Scrivner EXPERT EYE DUO is one of our best selling products and is getting fabulous results. Its always interesting to hear how our customers are getting on with each product and how they are using them - which is why we also decided to separate the products so that they can be bought individually.

Eyes giveaway exactly how our skin is doing and if we aren’t feeling great or looking after ourselves as much as we should or if life is just getting in the way then it shows; tired, stressed, dehydrated, dull and drained will be demonstrated in grey, baggy and pale skin around the eyes. The ingredients chosen for Expert Eye can address all these situations and more, leaving us looking fresh faced, awake and hydrated, without overloading the delicate skin.

So now, you can buy our EXPERT EYE DUO as individual - they are now EXPERT EYE DUO #1 Ultra Hydrating Eye Masque Day Cream and EXPERT EYE DUO #2 Eye Firming Concentrate Night Serum - so you can use one more than the other and still have both available at your finger tips!

We formulated our eye duo in two formats, so that it could be the hardest working and the easiest to use – the oil is for night use and the cream for day – perfect in combination with all our face oils.

EXPERT EYE DUO #2 15ml Eye Firming Concentrate Night Serum
For firming, toning and nourishing the delicate skin around the eyes.

• For all ages
• For mature ‘experienced’ skin
• For people with dark circles around their eyes
• For puffiness and lines around the eyes

• Hydrating
• Tightening and firming
• For fine lines and wrinkles
• To brighten and naturally lighten skin around the eyes

Eye Firming Concentrate
• Rich in Vitamin C and firming oils to nourish and tone skin with Calendula to smooth and calm puffiness.

Argan argania spinosa (o), rosehip rosa canina (o), apricot prunus armeniaca (o), rose absolute rosa centefolia, geranium pelargonium graveolens (o), orange citrus aurantium (o), benzoin styrax benzoin, calendula calendula silvestre, eye bright euphrasia officinalis (citral, euganol, geraniol, citronellol, farnesol, linalool, limonene, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate - naturally occurring in essential oils)

Apply 1 or 2 drops of oil onto the pads of your fingers to warm, using your ring finger 'pat' the oil under and around the eye area.

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