Brand: Greenfrog Botanic

      Greenfrog Botanic All our wonderful premium products are natural, chemical & nasties free and vegan to protect your skin and our planet. Love the Luxurious Greenfrog Botanic Products: Greenfrog Botanic products are created with organic magical soapberries that are a botanical soap growing in the wild Himalayas, naturally moisturising organic aloe vera and luxurious essential oils, a real treat for your skin. Our entire range is made from certified organic soapberries harvested by farmers in the Himalayas. Soapberries have been used for centuries for their exceptional cleansing, foaming, and antibacterial properties. They are also excellent for treating sensitive skin conditions such as eczema. Our essential oil combinations have been created to offer unique and exquisite perfumes and they have distinctive effects on the skin and moods. We create Body and Hand Washes in two beautiful scents; Calming Geranium & Peppermint, and Uplifting Neroli & Lime. In September we will be introducing the very exotic Rose & Neroli scent. All our products contain NO petrochemical derivatives, sulphates, paraben, palm oil, or harmful chemicals. Love the Ecological Philosophy of Greenfrog Botanic: Greenfrog envisioned to create a premium product that is natural to protect your skin and our planet. The environment is extremely important to our brand. We are supporters of many environmental charities including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. We are also highly passionate about using green energy, green and organic products. In fact, our name, Greenfrog Botanic, is derived from our ecologically green products, while the frog represents a creature that depends on clean, natural water. Greenfrog takes equal care with its packaging too, as it is completely recyclable and our ingredients are all biodegradable for minimum ecological impact. Excellent quality soaps Exclusive fragrances Environmental and natural products that conserve our planet We are proud to be registered with the Vegetarian and Vegan societies. We are also in the process of gaining the Leaping Bunny Logo and Ethical Buyer Certificate and are looking to move to gaining a Fair Trade Certification. Love the devoted Greenfrog Botanic People: Founders and Directors of Greenfrog Botanic, Nick & Julie met in Thailand whilst working in the European Commission on Human Rights and Humanitarian affairs. They moved to India where they discovered the magical properties of the botanical organic soapberries. They learnt that a combination of organic soapberries, nourishing aloe vera and luxurious essential oils create a beautiful product kind to even the most sensitive of skin. They originally began work with a small Indian factory in Shimla, and then eventually made their first full production range in the foothills of the Himayalas. They then moved to Hove in the UK and perfected their products in their manufacturers here in England, creating wonderfully fragrant Hand and Body Washes.