Balm Balm Natural Perfume Mandarin 33ml EDP

Balm Balm Natural Perfume Mandarin 33ml EDP

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Mandarin is a fun, playful, zingy and vivacious perfume.

Each of Balm Balm Single Note Eau de Parfums has a character of its own and can be worn alone or combined with any of the others to create your own individual mood and scent.

This is a single note 100% organic Eau de Parfum with just essential oil and pure grain alcohol. Ingredients are 100% Organic & 100% Natural.

Here are some suggestions to make your own for the best fun you’ve ever had with fragrance!

INNOCENT: Lavender + Mandarin + Bergamot

FUN: Bergamot + Mandarin

OUTRAGEOUS: All five single notes for a kaleidoscope of fragrance

SIMPLICITY: Any single note worn alone for its stunning simplicity

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Citrus Nobilis, 100% Organic & Natural Grain Alcohol

Use as often as desired

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